High Efficient

  • Tri-level circuit topology, maximum conversion efficiency 98.8%
  • Multi-MPPT design, strong complex installation environment adaptability
  • 45°C 1.1 times the long-term overload

Safe and Reliable

  • Outdoor NEMA 4X design, no derating below 3000m altitude
  • IP68 intelligent fan, low temperature rise, long life
  • PID protective function, avoid electrical shock

Intelligent Management

  • Intelligent fault wave recording, quick failure analysis
  •  I&V Intelligent diagnosis, accurate identification and positioning of abnormal PV panels
  • Intelligent online upgrade function, easy upgrade and maintain

Grid Friendly

  • Grid-connected current harmonics <3%, green adapts to grid
  • Ultra wide grid voltage range
DC Input
Max. PV input voltage1100Vdc
Rated PV voltage710Vdc740Vdc
Max. PV input current100A120A
No. of MPPTs4
No.of PV strings per MPPT3/3/3/3
MPPT voltage range300~950V
Starting voltage350Vdc
AC Output
Rated AC output power50kW60kW
Max. output power55kW66kW
Rated AC output voltage480Vac
Rated output current60.1A66A
Max. output current66.2A79A
Rated grid frequency50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range45~55Hz/55~65Hz
Power factor>0.99 (full load)
Adjustable power factor0.8 (leading)~0.8 (lagging)
THDi<3% (rated power)
Max. efficiency99.00%
CEC efficiency98.49%
DC reversed connectionYes
AC short circuit protectionYes
Temperature protectionYes
Surge protectionYes
PV fault detectYes
DC switchYes
Dimensions (W×H×D)600×1000×273mm
IP gradeNEMA 4X
Noise level<65dB
Self-consumption at night<1W
Cooling typeIntelligent forced air cooling
Altitude3000m (>3000m derating)
Operating temperature-25ºC~60ºC (>45ºC derating)
Relative humidity0~100%
CommunicationEthernet/RS485/WIF (optional) I/GPRS   (optional)
DC terminalH4 Terminal
AC terminalOT Terminal
Installation methodWall-mounted
StandardUL1741:2010,   IEEE 1547:2003, IEEE 1547A:2014 IEEE 1547.1:2005 UL1699B, UL 62109- 1, CAS   C22.2#107.1:2016